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Wrongfully Imprisoned Individual Claims in Ohio

If you have been wrongfully imprisoned by the State of Ohio, there may be civil redress available pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 2743.48. The claim for redress involves a two-step process beginning in a court of common pleas and ending in the Ohio Court of Claims in Columbus after you have been declared a wrongfully imprisoned individual in the court of common pleas. The statute and procedural framework of these claims is extremely complicated—even for courts and judges. Furthermore, the State of Ohio will fight you every step of the way. I know from speaking to my clients how painful it is to have been imprisoned for crime(s) that you did not commit. Nothing can replace the time the State stole from you and your family, but I can help you to start to fight back by analyzing this complicated statute with you to determine if you have a claim likely to succeed. As your attorney, I will not only represent you, I will fight for you.

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